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Goldsmith’s Airbnb is a historic, three-story, brick home that was built in 1911 as the University of Montana president’s house. The house has served many university purposes over the years; it was once a fraternity, a lab, and an office space, among other uses.

In 1988, the building was slated for demolition to expand university parking. Amidst community outcry over the planned destruction of the historic and beautiful home, the Inn was saved by the Goldsmiths. In order to preserve the home, the Goldsmiths undertook an audacious plan to move the 4000 square foot house from the southern edge of campus to the northern banks of the Clark Fork River.

Giving Back
This is an aerial morning view of the Hi

The home was then fully renovated to create six classic and comfortable rooms, each with private, hand-tiled bathrooms and other modern amenities.

For over twenty years, the Goldsmiths have been welcoming guests into the beautiful home to experience the wonder of Montana and a piece of Missoula history.

In 2020, the historic building again went through a big change, as the Goldsmiths transitioned from a traditional Bed and Breakfast to an Airbnb /furnished rental property. At the start of COVID, and the uncertainties and safety precautions that became a necessity of daily life, nearly all the units have been updated into self-sufficient apartments, each with its own kitchen and laundry. 

The Goldsmiths look forward to continuing to welcome guests to our beloved home and town.

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